2 New OER Partner Databases

EBSCO partners with Pressbooks and LibreTexts to improve OER Discovery
2 New OER Partner Databases

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Two new partner databases that aggregate Open Educational Resources (OER) published by libraries and faculty, are now available through EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) and through Faculty Select. By enabling these databases on their EBSCO EDS or Faculty Select profiles, libraries will be able to make even more trusted, high-quality OER content available for faculty to browse and use in their courses. Open licensing allows the content in these two OER databases to be copied, reused, revised, remixed, and freely shared with students and colleagues without breaking copyright law.  

  1. Pressbooks Directory provides access to over 5,000 openly licensed academic books published by 140+ colleges, universities, libraries, non-profits, presses, and other organizations using the Pressbooks open publishing platform. These OER books cover a wide range of topics, such as language learning, healthcare, science, fine arts, Indigenous voices, and more. Many feature multimedia content and interactive learning activities.

  2. LibreTexts provides access to over 2,000 OER books created on their platform by instructional faculty covering a wide range of topics including STEM, humanities, K12 education, and workforce development. The LibreTexts team continually strives to ensure that both the quality and accessibility of their content meets the needs and standards of educators worldwide.

Both of these OER databases are free for all EDS libraries and all libraries using Faculty Select to enable on their respective profiles.  

Libraries using EDS can find additional information on the EDS Content pages:

Libraries using Faculty Select can find additional information on: EBSCO Connect - Faculty Select Content Options 

If you'd like to learn more about EDS or Faculty Select, visit the links below: 

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