A Successful Event: WOLFcon Asia-Pacific and The Annual Meeting of the Chinese FOLIO Community

The "New Age, New Forces - 2022 World Open Library Foundation Asia-Pacific Conference and China Yunhan Community Annual Conference" was successfully held online.
A Successful Event: WOLFcon Asia-Pacific and The Annual Meeting of the Chinese FOLIO Community

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The conference was co-sponsored by Shanghai Library (Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology Information) and the Chinese Alliance for Library Services Platform. Attending online were curators and experts from many university libraries and public libraries around the world, as well as representatives from numerous companies in the library industry. On the day of the meeting, more than 2,200 people attended the online meeting.

This year, nine new experts joined the Chinese Alliance for Library Service Platform Expert Committee, expanding the committee to 45 members. The Chinese Alliance for Library Service Platform now has 24 member institutions, including 13 are involved in building apps and 11 are involved in development. More information about the Chinese Alliance for Library Service Platform can be found here: https://www.calsp.cn/

In the morning keynote session, presenters shared topics regarding different aspects of open as well as the experience from The National Central Library of Florence (BNCF) of implementing FOLIO using EBSCO FOLIO Services. also shared their experience of participating in the FOLIO project. Additionally, other presenters shared their library’s expectations of FOLIO and how they utilized the library management system (LMS) in library practice from the Capital Library of China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Library, Fudan University Library, and Jiangsu Jiatu Network Technology Co., Ltd.

In the afternoon case study session, experts from Shanghai Library, Spokane Public Library, California Institute of Technology Library, EBSCO Information Services, and Lakehead University Library in Canada shared their respective institutions' FOLIO platform implementation cases or .

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Liu Wei hosted a panel discussion to determine and the difficulties that Yunhan may face. In addition, the direction of future efforts was exchanged and discussed.

This conference was successfully held in Shanghai, which further promoted international exchanges and created opportunities for open collaboration and innovation. The FOLIO Community and Yunhan will join hands with industry peers to jointly create and build a bright future of a better library service platform.

For an event recap on Shanghai Library WeChat: https://bit.ly/3OZTJRy

For an event replay: https://b23.tv/JfnmJ00

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