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About EBSCO Community

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 EBSCO has launched an online community to facilitate a community discussion on the different aspects of ‘Open’. The online community includes librarians, thought leaders and EBSCO staff. The community provides an opportunity to:

  • Share ideas, opportunities and challenges around open access, open science, open infrastructure and open source
  • Learn from others in the community about initiatives at different institutions across the globe
  • Learn about EBSCO’s efforts around ‘Open’ and provide feedback to EBSCO staff

The community is made of up 4 core areas. Each area of the community will provide resources that talk to the areas of open with the goals to discuss concepts, share ideas, and create interest and move these concepts forward.

Open Perspectives: This is the heart of the community and will focus on all of the areas of open. The content here will come from multiple sources around the world

FOLIO: a place to learn the latest on the FOLIO open-source project as well as talk about how to continue supporting the open source movement within libraries

Learning and Development: open courses lead by EBSCO experts as well as industry thought leaders. There will be courses ranging from – What is equitable search to Leading innovation and much more

And as a bonus the community will provide you with an opportunity to engage with EBSCO around areas of open across our products and services.

To learn more about benefits of joining EBSCO Community you can visit the article: 6 benefits of joining the EBSCO Community.

If you want to talk to us or ask about anything related to the EBSCO Community, please reach out to us.


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