About the Open Perspectives Forum

EBSCO Community Conference 2022 | November 8, 2022
About the Open Perspectives Forum

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At the heart of the conference is the belief that openness is key in the world of librarianship, science and research. When we built the open community, we envisioned it as a place for discussion, exchange of ideas and mutual learning. We sought to provide a safe place that offers a global perspective and access to thought leaders on the topics of ‘open’ from anywhere in the world.  In pursuit of this vision, we invite you to join the space during the online Open Perspectives Forum. This event will provide a space that is both open and focused on forming collaborative connections. Openness is a core value in both science and research, and it is also the theme of this event.

Each member of the community has a unique perspective, and we want to give a voice to those of you who want to share your thoughts, conclusions, and insights around the open theme.  In addition to attending, we encourage you to submit a speaking proposal for the conference. To learn more about the submission process, please visit this section >> Call for Submissions

All members of the community are also encouraged to actively participate by voting for submissions of interest. To make this possible, we will provide a form through which you can vote for the proposed topics and speakers.

The community will build this conference. Your vote matters to us. We welcome your contributions.

Watch the recordings.


To learn more about the EBSCO Community and explore the scope of EBSCO's Open initiatives, please visit - Open for Research

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