Agenda - Open Perspectives Forum

EBSCO Community Conference 2022
Agenda - Open Perspectives Forum

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8:00 EDT | 14:00 CET - Intro

8:05 EDT | 14:05 CET - Open Source: Open source IT solutions supporting the library collaboration: data model, workflow, system architecture

Miklós Lendvay | Independent Consultant Library Platform, Klaris Publishing House and Artistic Workshop Ltd.

8:25 EDT | 14:25 CET - Platform·Community·Ecosystem: Exploring the DAO Approach to Empower Open Library Services

Keven Liu | Deputy Director, Shanghai Library

8:45 EDT | 14:45 CET - Open Perspectives: More open data for scholarly article analysis: Changing the scholary research landscape

Peter Webster | Associate University Librarian, Patrick Power Library, Saint Mary's University

9:05 EDT | 15:05 CET - Open Infrastructure: Consider the Source

Jenifer J Monger | Assistant Institute Archivist, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Brenden McCarthy | Metadata Librarian, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

9:25 EDT | 15:25 CET - Coffee Break

9:40 EDT | 15:40 CET - Open Infrastructure: OA Switchboard - central metadata exchange hub

Yvonne Campfens | Executive Director, OA Switchboard

10:00 EDT | 16:00 CET - Open Perspectives: Open Educational Resources (OER) and the challenges in the Library

Vladimir Burgos | Director Nacional de Bibliotecas, Tecnológico De Monterrey

10:20 EDT | 16:20 CET - Panel hosted by Meghan Tylec

10:50 EDT | 16:50 CET - Closing Remarks

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