Caltech Library Will Adopt the FOLIO Library Services Platform for Fall 2021

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After much research and deliberation, the Caltech Library is excited to announce we will adopt the FOLIO Library Services Platform (LSP) for use starting in the fall 2021 term. The open-source FOLIO platform will be hosted by EBSCO Information Services, the leading provider of discovery services, databases, and other information resources and services for libraries worldwide. EBSCO contributes substantially to the technical development of FOLIO software and offers FOLIO hosting and data management services.

The Library’s LSP Evaluation Team strongly supported FOLIO, which stands for the Future of Libraries Is Open, as our new platform. “FOLIO is the product of an open-source community that includes both vendors and libraries. Open-source software development is a natural fit for the Caltech spirit of innovation and open, reproducible science.” A contributing factor to the Library’s decision was the fact that “the FOLIO project is powered by libraries whose adoption of the system means they are extremely invested in solving problems with its day-to-day operations.” Read more.

Meghan Tylec

International Marketing, EBSCO