EBSCO Information Services Announces Development of New Books Ordering Platform

EBSCO is Committed to Enhancing the Book Experience and Delivering Value for Librarians and End Users
 EBSCO Information Services Announces Development of New Books Ordering Platform

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As the books marketplace continues to evolve, EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) is committed to evolving with it, by prioritizing the changing needs of libraries and their patrons. This evolution relies on EBSCO’s investment in the books ecosystem and the ability to reimagine innovative, open and interoperable library workflows. Starting from discovery and acquisition to research and the end-user experience, these investments build upon the long-time strength of EBSCO's existing book services. 

EBSCO is developing a new books ordering platform that will offer a modern, technology-driven approach to efficiently support the discovery, selection, acquisition, collection development and workflow integration needs of librarians.

EBSCO Vice President of Product Management for Books John Brennan says this new platform will build upon the strengths of EBSCO's existing book services — GOBI® and EBSCOhost® Collection Manager (ECM). “The new platform will carry forward what libraries value most — GOBI’s highly valued monograph metadata and robust collection development services and ECM’s ease of use — and create a brand-new platform to most effectively support evolving customer needs.”



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