Gain an International Perspective on "Open"

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Gain an International Perspective on "Open"

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Welcome to the Open Perspectives Forum 2024!
This year, we are excited to present a series of webinars that will take you on an enlightening journey across the globe to explore the world of "open." In this revamped forum, we aim to provide you with a deeper understanding of various "open" topics and their impact on libraries, academic institutions, and the success of end users, including students, faculty, and researchers.

What to Expect
Each month, we will focus on a specific "open" theme, featuring expert panelists from diverse regions who will shed light on local perspectives and trends. The interactive sessions will delve into various aspects of "open" and its implications for libraries worldwide. The webinars are designed to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and networking among library professionals, researchers, and community members.

Why Participate

  1. Dive into Key "Open" Topics: Explore topics like Open Infrastructure, Analytics for Informed Decision-Making, Open Linked Data, Open Access Content, Open Source Communities, AI in Libraries, Open Integrations, and the Role of Open in Advancing Library Missions.
  2. Gain Insights from Global Experts: Hear from esteemed panelists from different parts of the world, bringing unique perspectives on "open" practices and innovations.
  3. Discover Practical Examples: Learn about successful open initiatives and implementations, and how they are making a difference in libraries and beyond.
  4. Expand Your Network: Engage with library organizations in your country/region, collaborate on promoting the forum, and discuss the idea of "open in libraries" within the EBSCO Community.

Save the Dates
Here is a sneak peek at the schedule:

  1. April, 16th, 2024: Importance of Open Infrastructure in Libraries Today -  read more and watch the recording
  2. May 16th, 2024: Open Linked Data in Libraries - read more and watch the recording
  3. September 2024: Analytics to Make Informed Decisions
  4. September 2024: Making Open Access Content Discoverable and Usable for End Users
  5. October 2024: Open Source and Building Communities
  6. November 2024: Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence in Libraries‚Äč
  7. December 2024: Meeting Your End Users Where They Are - A Focus on Open Integrations
  8. January 2025: The Role of Open in Advancing Library Missions

Additional Notes
The sessions will be accessible to everyone, and we encourage you to participate in each of the monthly webinars to build a comprehensive understanding of the "open" landscape. All sessions will be recorded and shared openly within the community, ensuring that the knowledge and insights gained during the forum reach a broader audience.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready for an enriching experience of "open" knowledge and ideas!


Photo by j on Unsplash

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