In Review: EBSCO User Group for North American Libraries

In Review: EBSCO User Group for North American Libraries

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The EBSCO User Group for North American academic libraries took place June 14-15, 2022. While this year’s event was virtual, previous events were held in Boston, MA; Salt Lake City, UT; and San Antonio, TX. The event had the largest attendance, with over 580 attendees.  

At the EBSCO User Group meeting for North American Academic Libraries, users of EBSCO products and services share their experiences and ideas for improvement. Attendees have the opportunity to learn about EBSCO technology solutions from one another and get updates from EBSCO. Content and feedback from the event help guide future product features and functionality.

The event opened with high level presentations from EBSCO leadership which focused on updates around new features and functionality. Later in the day, leaders returned to answer questions asked by attendees. The event ended with a panel of industry leaders discussing their perspectives on open (open source, open infrastructure, etc.) in libraries, and looking at current trends and initiatives.

Other highlights from this year included sessions on:

  • Optimizing Your Collection
  • Library Analytics
  • GOBI and eBook Collections
  • Q&A with EBSCO Leadership
  • FOLIO and EBSCO FOLIO Services
  • The Evolution of EDS
  • What's New from EBSCO

Plans for the next user group are under way and will be in person.

Recordings from this year’s event are available here.


Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

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