Lebanon’s Notre Dame University-Louaize to Adopt FOLIO

~ The First FOLIO Library System in Lebanon to Begin Implementation with EBSCO Information Services ~
Lebanon’s Notre Dame University-Louaize to Adopt FOLIO

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Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) Libraries will be the first library in Lebanon to choose FOLIO as its Library Services Platform (LSP) using EBSCO FOLIO hosting and implementation services from EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) NDU will undertake a phased implementation and will aim to be entirely live on FOLIO by January 2024.

NDU is a private, non-profit Catholic institution of higher education that comprises three libraries, the Mariam and Youssef Library at the Zouk Mosbeh Campus, the NLC Library at the Barsa Campus, and the Shouf Library at the Deir El-Kamar Campus, all of which will adopt the FOLIO LSP. By transitioning to FOLIO, the NDU Libraries will have access to new technical developments, the flexibility to communicate with various tools and services, and a more streamlined workflow overall.

Acting University Librarian and Head of the Library Information Systems Department at NDU, Dr. Amine Moussa, says FOLIO will provide a more efficient day-to-day experience and the opportunity to tailor NDU Libraries’ workflow solutions. “There's no need to wait for the future to arrive. We can always be one step ahead with FOLIO. Therefore, as part of its commitment to sustainable innovation, NDU Libraries has decided to implement FOLIO as its new library services platform.” Dr. Moussa says they are proud to be the first university to adopt the system in Lebanon. “We chose FOLIO because it is an open-source system designed to be dynamic and flexible. In the end, we are eager to transition to FOLIO, and we are very thankful for our EBSCO implementation consultants for their dedication, guidance, and support throughout the process.”…

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