Massey University Migrates to FOLIO

Massey University Migrates to FOLIO

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Massey University Library, located in new Zealand, recently migrated to FOLIO after 27 years on its legacy ILS. The move was prompted the fact that its old ILS could not meet current institutional needs.

Associate University Librarian (Client Services), Kat Cuttriss, noted that "the key drivers for moving to Folio were its newly-built, microservices architecture (which makes it more flexible and future-proof), and it providing all the benefits of open source (e.g. ability to build our own functionality and user-driven development), combined with the reassurance of being hosted and supported by EBSCO. We were also keen to realize patron benefits, arising from better integration of catalogue data into our EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) and improvements in accuracy of eResource information and our full text holdings."

Read the full blog post from Cuttriss here.

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