Meet Librarians Whose Institutions Made the Move to FOLIO

Watch the webinar of institutions who migrated to FOLIO using EBSCO FOLIO Services.
Meet Librarians Whose Institutions Made the Move to FOLIO

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Cori Lynn Arnold (Washington College), Stephanie Kaceli (Cairn University), and Jesse Koennecke (Cornell University) speak with EBSCO moderator Christopher Holly about their libraries' transition to using FOLIO.
Please visit our new webinar resource page that includes the recording of the webinar, the slides, and responses to all questions asked in the Q&A. Visit resource page


  • Cori Lynn Arnold
    Electronic Resources Librarian, Washington College
  • Christopher Holly (Moderator)
    Director of SaaS Innovation, EBSCO Information
  • Stephanie Kaceli
    Dean, Educational Resources, Masland Library, Cairn University
  • Jesse Koennecke
    Director, Acquisitions and E

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