“Never Fly Solo: Building Cultures of Collaboration, Courage and Trust” with Waldo Waldman

Watch the recording of our exclusive Accel5 webinar
“Never Fly Solo: Building Cultures of Collaboration, Courage and Trust” with Waldo Waldman

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Never Fly Solo: Building Cultures of Collaboration, Courage and Trust with Waldo Waldman from EBSCO on Vimeo.

About the webinar 

Flying solo? You might think so but take a look around. You have managers and support staff. You have directors, suppliers, and partners. And you have colleagues and significant others. In today’s highly competitive world of change and uncertainty, those who build trust, lead with courage, and collaborate with others will dodge the missiles of adversity and win. During this interactive program, decorated fighter pilot, New York Times bestselling author, executive coach, and Hall of Fame Speaker, Lt Col (ret.) Waldo Waldman will share tools to overcome obstacles, break performance barriers, and take charge of change during adverse times.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to leverage your mindset to maintain focus amidst change and uncertainty
  • Innovative tactics to cultivate resilience and courage and lead under pressure
  • Tools to nurture trust, accountability, and confidence with your teammates
  • How to grow influence, trust and impact with customers, coworkers and partners by collaborating more effectively


 Lt Col Waldo Waldman, MBA, CSP, CPAE, is known as The Wingman.  He is a Hall of Fame leadership speaker, executive coach, and the author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Never Fly Solo.  A graduate of the Air Force Academy, Waldo helps leaders and organizations accelerate performance in highly competitive and changing environments.

He believes the key to building a culture of trust lies with your wingmen – those who help you to overcome obstacles, adapt to change, and achieve success. In business & life, you should never fly solo!

Waldo is also founder of The Wingman Foundation, a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to build funds and awareness for veterans in need.  An inductee into the prestigious Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, his clients include Marriott, American Express, AT&T, and Home Depot.  He’s been featured on Fox & Friends, CNN, MSNBC, Inc. Magazine and The Harvard Business Review.

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

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