Nyenrode Business University Becomes First Institution in the Netherlands to Adopt FOLIO LSP

~ University Library to Leverage EBSCO FOLIO’s Implementation and Support Team to Bring Open Source LSP to the Netherlands ~
Nyenrode Business University Becomes First Institution in the Netherlands to Adopt FOLIO LSP

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Nyenrode Business University has become the first institution in the Netherlands to adopt the FOLIO Library Services Platform (LSP) using EBSCO FOLIO’s hosting and service support from EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO). Nyenrode has leveraged EBSCO FOLIO’s expert implementation consultants and library services engineers to establish the FOLIO LSP from the initial readiness assessment to go-live with continued support services post-implementation.
EBSCO FOLIO’s implementation process for Nyenrode covered data analysis, scripting and migration, workflow analysis, strategic and project planning, change management, and organizational consulting and training. EBSCO FOLIO integrates with EBSCO services and other third-party applications, providing better workflows for library staff and their end-users. Nyenrode will integrate EBSCO Discovery Service(EDS) with the SURFsharekit institutional repositories and the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), Nyenrode’s chosen Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). These integrations will enhance the library and student workflows by streamlining access between student coursework and research. 
Nyenrode Business University Information Professional Frieda van der Heijden says the implementation process ran smoothly, offering an easy and enjoyable transition from their previous platform. “Not only did the entire process go very smoothly, but the EBSCO team’s enthusiasm and general positivity made it an enjoyable experience. Switching to an entirely new system can be nerve-wracking, especially because I lacked the technical skills to do so myself. EBSCO’s support and expertise made getting onboard with FOLIO easy.” 
EBSCO Vice President of Sales for Dutch and German-speaking Europe Fred Wiltenburg says Nyenrode’s implementation of FOLIO will provide other libraries in the Netherlands with an example of how libraries in their region have successfully implemented open source library software. “EBSCO FOLIO provides libraries worldwide with a highly experienced team of consultants and engineers to support every step of their implementation process. FOLIO was designed by librarians for librarians, and we are excited to bring this vision to the Netherlands.” 


Photo by Ton van der Velden on Unsplash.

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