Recordings of the Library Perspectives Forum – Melbourne, Australia

Using today's strategies to shape tomorrow's future. Video replays from the Library Perspectives Forum held in Melbourne Australia.
Recordings of the Library Perspectives Forum – Melbourne, Australia

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Earlier in the year, the EBSCO Oceania team invited a range of librarians and other industry experts to discuss national and international trends as well as share their future aspirations. This event was recorded and is now live to share. Presentations included: FOLIO Implementation at Massey University Library, National Library of Australia’s FOLIO Journey – A Story in Three Acts, Measuring and Managing - The Importance of Data-Driven Decision-Making (Western Sydney University), State Library Victoria – Reflections and Redirection, Partnerships - Multi-Dimensional Layering of Digital Products in a Regional Health Library, and Decentralizing the Library’s Catalogue with Linked Data. 

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Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

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