Research Intelligence: Open Research, Open Data and Open Publishing

Research Intelligence: Open Research, Open Data and Open Publishing

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Following the global trend towards open science, open research tools and platforms are being emphasized as means of driving scientific research and data to be open, reproducible, and transparent. Co-organized by the University of Hong Kong (HKU) Libraries and EBSCO, this webinar will introduce the latest innovations and initiatives for supporting open research, open data and open publishing.

In this webinar, Mr. Lenny Teytelman, CEO and cofounder of, will introduce their platform for developing and sharing reproducible research methods and scientific experiment protocols. Mr. Robert Faith, Research Workflow and Digital Preservation Specialist from EBSCO, will present how the computational research platform – Code Ocean will help researchers improve discoveries for computing resources and reproduce them. Mr. Jesse Xiao, Data and Scholarly Communications Librarian from the HKU Libraries, will share the current research services from HKU Libraries that promote open science. Lastly, Dr. Scott Edmund, Editor in Chief of the GigaScience journal, will share the publishing changes adopted by GigaScience for promoting open research, including the use of digital tools such as Stencila, and Code Ocean. Please join us and feel free to share this invitation with researchers at your institution.

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