Retrospective: WOLFcon 2022

Retrospective: WOLFcon 2022

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Last week, the Open Library Foundation held its annual conference, WOLFcon. The conference was held in Hamburg, Germany’s Bucerius Law School from August 31 – September 2, 2022. Over 160 participants from around joined the conference in person, with over 210 participating virtually.

The conference kicked off with a welcome from the President of the Foundation Board and Associate University Librarian of Stanford University Libraries, Tom Cramer. Senator Katharina Fegebank, Hamburg's Second Mayor and Senator for Science, Research and Equality, also welcomed participants to the city.

Participants were able to attend sessions to learn more about projects that are part of the Foundation, including, VuFind, Project ReShare, FOLIO, and GOKb. There was also a presentation about the Library Data Platform, a project that is part of the Foundation’s incubator initiative. Members of the FOLIO community used the in-person meeting as an opportunity to hold working meetings for the project.

The event included a keynote presentation by Nancy Kirkpatrick, Executive Director & CEO, OhioNet, who discussed what it means to “be open and inclusive not just in our language but also in our actions, our organizations, and our lives.”

In addition to meetings, participants enjoyed an opportunity to network and unwind during dinner and an evening boat cruise from Hamburg’s port.

A full schedule of the event is available here.

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