Session 1: Importance of Open Infrastructure in Libraries Today

Open Perspectives Forum 2024 | Embracing Open Infrastructure: Building a Collaborative Library Landscape
Session 1: Importance of Open Infrastructure in Libraries Today

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Open Perspectives Forum 2024
"Importance of Open Infrastructure in Libraries Today"

WHAT: Zoom Webinar
DATE: April 16th, 2024
TIME: 8:30 am EDT / 1:30 pm BST / 2:30 pm CEST/SAST

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Claire Knowles – Associate Director: Research and Digital Futures | University of Leeds - United Kingdom
Ignasi Labastida i Juan – Rector’s Delegate for Open Science | Universitat de Barcelona - Spain
Rosalyn Metz – Chief Technology Officer for Libraries and Museum | Emory University - USA
Sean Carte – Digital Services Librarian | Durban University of Technology - South Africa

Moderator: Christopher Spalding, VP Product Management, EBSCO

About the session

In today's rapidly evolving digital age, libraries play a crucial role in providing access to knowledge and information to diverse communities. The key to their success lies in embracing open infrastructure, a foundation that fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing among institutions and individuals.

Open infrastructure, at its core, is about utilizing open-source technologies and standards to build interconnected systems within libraries. This approach promotes seamless access to resources, enhances data interoperability, and drives cost-effective solutions. By adopting open infrastructure, libraries empower themselves to adapt and grow in the face of technological advancements, ensuring they remain relevant and valuable to their communities.

During the first session of the Open Perspectives Forum in 2024, experts from around the world will share insights into how open infrastructure has strengthened collaboration among libraries and institutions. Panelists will discuss practical examples of open-source technologies that libraries can implement to enhance their infrastructure. From data sharing to integrated systems, attendees will learn how embracing open infrastructure not only benefits individual libraries but also contributes to a global knowledge-sharing community.

Join us for this exciting session as we delve into the world of open infrastructure and its transformative impact on the future of libraries. Together, let's unlock the potential of collaboration and knowledge sharing through open practices in libraries.

Recording Link

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