Session 2: Open Linked Data in Libraries

Open Perspectives Forum 2024 | Navigating the Knowledge Universe: The Promise of Open Linked Data in Libraries
Session 2: Open Linked Data in Libraries

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Open Perspectives Forum 2024
"Open Linked Data in Libraries"

WHAT: Zoom Webinar
DATE: May 16th, 2024
TIME: 9 am EDT / 2pm BST / 3pm CEST/SAST

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Judy Grobler - Director of Library and Information Services | Namibia University of Science and Technology, Namibia
Alvaro Lopez - Head of Information Resources Management and Analysis Unit at Universidad de Concepción, Chile
Andreas Mace – Systems Librarian | National Library of Sweden
Timothy Thompson - Librarian for Applied Metadata Research | Yale University, USA

Moderator: Ashleigh Faith, Director of Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Graph, Subject Indexes, and Semantic Search, EBSCO

About the session

In an age where information is vast and interconnected, libraries must adapt to the dynamic landscape of knowledge organization and access. The second session of the Open Perspectives Forum 2024 focuses on "Open Linked Data in Libraries," a powerful concept that has the potential to revolutionize information discovery and exploration.

Embracing open standards and interoperability principles, open linked data allows libraries to create a network of interconnected data, breaking down information silos and enriching the search experience for users. Imagine seamlessly navigating across various information resources, connecting disparate pieces of knowledge to unlock deeper insights and understandings.

During this session, experts will shed light on the key benefits of implementing open linked data in library systems and catalogs. They will share examples of successful collaborations between libraries and other institutions to create a global network of interconnected data. However, we will also address the challenges libraries may encounter during the adoption process and how these challenges can be effectively addressed.

Join us in this exploration of open linked data's potential to create a collaborative knowledge landscape that benefits researchers, students, and the broader public. Together, let's pave the way for more accessible, interconnected, and insightful knowledge discovery within libraries.

Recording Link

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