“Solve Problems the First Time with Systems Thinking” with Timothy Clancy

“Solve Problems the First Time with Systems Thinking” with Timothy Clancy

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Solve Problems the First Time with Systems Thinking WEBINAR from EBSCO on Vimeo.

About the webinar

Modern problem-solving methods often focus on the process. But sometimes when we fix a problem in the process, it keeps cropping up in new ways. That's because processes exist within a larger ecosystem of workers, managers, customers, technology, and other elements external to the process. Systems Thinking is a problem-solving tool that helps you analyze the system within which an activity occurs. In this session we'll help you understand the basics of understanding complex problem solving using a system. Then we'll examine two common system patterns, Fixes-that-Fail and Shifting-the-Burden, that are often the cause of a problem continuing to crop up. Finally we'll show how you can use these patterns, starting today, to understand the systems you're working in and fix problems right the first time. 


Timothy Clancy is the Founder and President of Dialectic Simulations Consulting, LLC. The former Chief Methodologist for Lean Six Sigma and Agile at IBM, Timothy has over 25 years experience in solving progressively harder problems for Fortune 500, Government Agencies & Military Commands. He is a recognized expert in complex systems with an MSc in Simulation Science and a PhD in System Dynamics. He focuses on translating this cutting-edge science into everyday practical applications for professionals, managers, and senior leadership to improve their problem-solving, strategic planning and systems thinking.

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Photo by UX Store on Unsplash

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