Top Contributor Articles for EBSCO Community in 2021

Top Contributor Articles for EBSCO Community in 2021

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In the middle of last year, we launched a platform designed for the library community – librarians, content providers, and experts in information and e-solutions. In this era of social distancing -- where building connections seems so crucial -- we wanted to build a space where people could come together from across the globe to innovate, cooperate, exchange ideas and build relationships around a theme of common interest. For the EBSCO Community platform, that common interest is the topic of openness. 

Openness promotes the development of science, broadens access to resources and knowledge, and fosters equality of opportunity. To promote openness, we offer community members the opportunity to engage in collaborative content development and sharing. Among the articles that have appeared on the EBSCO Community platform so far, many are related to open source, open infrastructure, and open science.

Top Contributor Articles

Below are the top five most-read articles on the EBSCO Community platform to date. We encourage you to read them and discuss them with the authors as well as with other members of the community who are interested in these issues and want to review them further.

Reflecting the global nature of the community, the site includes articles in multiple languages. These articles can be easily translated into your native language using the automatic translator in the web browser add-on.

  1. Una mirada evolutiva en el manejo de bibliotecas by Claudia Becerra - Library director, Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano

“The growing needs of academic libraries, the emergence of new services and technologies, as well as changes in information management have led libraries to seek new management software models, with an additional component, the service.”

  1. An Interview with Talis Aspire's Alison Spencer by Alison Spencer, CEO of Talis Aspire

Alison Spencer, CEO of Talis Aspire, looks at the importance of open infrastructure in libraries. “Universities choose the systems that they want to work with to shape the experience they want for their teachers and learners. This is defined as the ecosystem of choice.”

  1. Shaping Europe’s digital future re-shared by Tamir Borensztajn - Vice President SaaS & Open Strategy, EBSCO Information Services

Study about the impact of open-source software and hardware on technological independence, competitiveness, and innovation in the EU economy.       

  1. A focus on 'open': An interview with EBSCO’s Tamir Borensztajn published by DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)

In this article published originally on the DOAJ blog, Tamir Borensztajn presents EBSCO's goals around indexing and disseminating the world’s scholarly research and literature which are at the center of our initiatives around “open.”

  1. Open Interoperability, Open Source and Open Access Opening our Doors; Open Philosophies Toward Positive Change by Scott Bernier - Senior Vice President, Marketing, EBSCO Information Services

Scott Bernier, Senior Vice President of Marketing at EBSCO, looks at 'open' in libraries and the role that community plays in driving open initiatives. “When we announced the creation of the EBSCO Community, we wrote about how knowledge sharing accelerates sustainable and innovative development. This continues to be a key focus for us in community development. And we believe you share this commitment with us.”

Become a contributor

Future contributions from EBSCO will focus on topics such as the evolution of open access: identifying how traditional value and novel approaches evolve together, the impact of mandates and policies on scholarly publishing, and much more. Our goal is to help facilitate positive change.

Come join the conversation at EBSCO's Open Community. Your input and involvement are both needed and appreciated. If you would like to join the community, contribute to it, submit articles or run a panel, please reach out to Meghan Tylec at for more information.


*Photo by ANIRUDH on Unsplash 

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