Unveiling the Top 10 Most-Read Articles on EBSCO Community in 2023

Check out your favorite blog posts from 2023 including our events recordings.
Unveiling the Top 10 Most-Read Articles on EBSCO Community in 2023

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As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to look back at the insightful articles that captivated the EBSCO Community throughout the year. From OER partnerships to engaging webinars, the platform has been a hub of knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Let's revisit the most read articles in 2023 that shaped our community and explore the exciting new features introduced in 2023.

  1. More Than 100 Libraries and Library Systems Now Live with EBSCO FOLIO Embark on a journey through the success of EBSCO FOLIO's globalization efforts, as the platform celebrates a milestone with over 100 libraries and library systems now actively utilizing FOLIO, enriching the open-source community with diverse perspectives and collaborative innovation.
  2. Gamificación, su uso e impacto en bibliotecas Delve into the world of gamification and its impact on libraries, exploring innovative ways to engage patrons and enhance the library experience through interactive gaming.
  3. EBSCO Information Services Pursues Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Opportunities Join us on the forefront of innovation as EBSCO Information Services initiates a groundbreaking project to explore the transformative potential of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing search discovery and content creation, signaling a new era of possibilities in the realm of information services.
  4. 2 New OER Partner Databases Discover the latest Open Educational Resources (OER) developments with insights into two new partner databases, shedding light on how these resources can enhance the learning experience in academic institutions.
  5. Ideen-Workshop zu BiblioGraph in Dortmund und EBSCO-Technology-Day in Köln Explore the innovative BiblioGraph system in a workshop held in Dortmund, coupled with the EBSCO Technology Day in Cologne, bringing together library professionals to discuss cutting-edge technologies.
  6. FOLIO Launches Nolana Release Stay updated on the latest advancements in library technology with the launch of the Nolana release by FOLIO, offering a glimpse into the future of library management systems.
  7. Ideen-Workshop zu BiblioGraph und EBSCO-Technology-Day im März 2023 Join the second installment of the BiblioGraph Ideen-Workshop in Dortmund and the EBSCO Technology Day in Cologne in March 2023, exploring further developments in library technologies.
  8. What is Faculty Select? Gain insights into the Faculty Select platform, understanding how it revolutionizes the faculty's role in the selection of academic resources for courses.
  9. Meet EBSCO Community Members at Events on "OPEN" Topics Connect with like-minded professionals at events focused on "OPEN" topics, fostering collaboration and networking within the EBSCO Community.
  10. Recordings of the Library Perspectives Forum – Melbourne, Australia Explore the dynamic discussions and insights shared during the Library Perspectives Forum in Melbourne, Australia, as we bring you exclusive access to the event's recordings, providing a comprehensive view of the engaging conversations that unfolded.

New Features:

  • Question of the Month: Engage in meaningful discussions with the new "Question of the Month" feature, encouraging community members to share insights and perspectives on topical questions.
  • Events' Section: Stay informed about upcoming events, workshops, and webinars through the newly added Events' section, facilitating seamless participation in the latest developments in the library community.
  • New Rooms for BiblioGraph Conversations: Explore BiblioGraph conversations in German for the DACH region and in Spanish for LATAM, providing tailored spaces for discussions and collaborations in these specific language communities.

As we wrap up 2023, EBSCO Community stands as a thriving platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration. The most read articles of the year, combined with the introduction of innovative features, have elevated the community's experience, setting the stage for an even more enriching year ahead. Here's to another year of learning, sharing, and growing together within the vibrant EBSCO Community.

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