Video Series - Making All the Pieces Fit: Solving the Linked Data Puzzle

All you need to know about Linked Data, BIBFRAME and more – explained in short 2-to-5-minute videos.
Video Series - Making All the Pieces Fit: Solving the Linked Data Puzzle

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BiblioGraph is a new service changing the way academic, public and government library users explore and access library catalogs. With BiblioGraph, you can enhance the portability, visibility, and value of your library’s catalog so users can explore and access resources from anywhere on the web.

 EBSCO recently created a new video series that dives into the benefits of transforming library catalogs to BIBFRAME resources. You can now watch the full series in which we talk about what Linked Data, BIBFRAME and BiblioGraph are, and explain their importance and benefits to libraries.

  1. What is Linked Data?
    In this first video, you learn all about Linked Data, a method of publishing and linking different pieces of information on the Internet, and how it can benefit libraries. Senior Product Manager Gloria Gonzalez explains what Linked Data is and why it is important for enhancing discovery by enriching library data.
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  2. What is BIBFRAME?
    In the second video in the series, Greg Padilla, Director of SaaS Innovation, talks about BIBFRAME – a Linked Data model and vocabulary for bibliographic data. In addition to introducing BIBFRAME, we also look at the characteristics that define the more traditional MARC format and make a side-by-side comparison between the two. Discover how the digital focus of BIBFRAME enables libraries to better manage, share, and connect their resources.
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  3. The Solution to the Linked Data Puzzle: EBSCO’s BiblioGraph
    BiblioGraph is a service designed specifically for librarians seeking to expand their library's visibility on the web, creating new opportunities to engage users in new ways. Learn more about BiblioGraph from Lauri Mcintosh, BiblioGraph’s Sales and Partner Manager.
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  4. Putting BiblioGraph into Practice
    This video looks at how BIBFRAME conversion allows new ways to express libraries’ collections. Presenter Richard Burkitt, Director of SaaS Innovation, shows how it can be used in practice to visualize collection data.
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  5. Example: Google Syndication with BiblioGraph
    In this video, Richard Burkitt continues his exploration of different use cases for BiblioGraph. He dives into Google syndication of data and what it means for library resources and users (currently available in the US, UK and Australia).
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  6. Challenges & Solutions
    Many libraries currently describe their collections using formats such as MARC; formats that were created long before the Internet and do not have the flexibility that today's digital environment requires. Explore some of the challenges these traditional formats pose for libraries and learn how BIBFRAME and EBSCO's BiblioGraph are helping to overcome these challenges.
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  7. From Data to Knowledge: The Linked Data Puzzle is Solved
    Explore the Linked Data Puzzle video series to learn more about how BiblioGraph, EBSCO's Linked Data Service for Libraries converts catalog records into BIBFRAME resources. This enhances library data and enables the publication of data in an open network. This enriches collections with authoritative source data, which is a major benefit to libraries.
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This video series is also available in Dutch and German, with other languages following in the near future.

Learn more about BiblioGraph

Access the following materials for more information, or request more information or a demo about BiblioGraph:

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Visit the following rooms in the EBSCO Community to gain more information and to exchange information and knowledge with other librarians from your region:

BiblioGraph | LatAm (Spanish, Portuguese)
BiblioGraph | DACH (German)


Photo by Edge2Edge Media on Unsplash.

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