Webinar: “Jumpstarting Potential and Motivation in Yourself and Others” with Sandra Davis

Watch recording of our exclusive Accel5 webinar with Sandra Davis
Webinar: “Jumpstarting Potential and Motivation in Yourself and Others” with Sandra Davis

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About the webinar - 
Is motivation a given and is potential predetermined? What does it mean to be motivated, anyway? Not everyone says, “choose me.” Many talented employees keep their hands down when an opportunity, assignment or future role comes up, especially when they don’t believe they have the requisite skills to excel in leadership. However, you play an important role in shifting expectations. By leveraging best practices, you can awaken potential in yourself and others to fulfill meaningful roles. Join us on October 13th to hear Dr. Sandra Davis, Chair and Co-Founder of MDA Leadership, speak to the myths of motivation and how to break out of the assumptions that hold us back from realizing potential.

Sandra Davis | Ph.D., L.P., Chair and Co-Founder, MDA Leadership
As co-founder of MDA Leadership Consulting, Sandra’s expertise includes talent management, leadership assessment and development, and organizational change consulting. She built a culture based on real-world experience, client intimacy, and customized solutions for leaders who demand real-world results.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash 

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