Webinar: "Openness and Choice: Open Access E-Books with Knowledge Unlatched and GOBI"

Join this webinar to learn more about the partnership between Knowledge Unlatched and GOBI and hear two librarians at Gwynedd Mercy University discuss their experience with Knowledge Unlatched OA eCollections.
Webinar: "Openness and Choice: Open Access E-Books with Knowledge Unlatched and GOBI"

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Knowledge Unlatched has partnered with GOBI to make more than 20 Open Access eCollections on its Open Research Library platform available for pledging through GOBI. With this model, libraries can help fund OA e-books and make quality OA e-books more easily available to libraries around the world.

You will learn

  • How Knowledge Unlatched helps support the open access e-book infrastructure
  • What pledging options are available for collections¬†
  • What Open Access options are available in GOBI and the advantages of pledging through GOBI
  • How this model can benefit your library and libraries worldwide¬†


  • Lucia McBride | Electronic Resources & Serials Librarian, Gwynedd Mercy University
  • Jessica Richmond | Information Literacy & Collection Development Librarian, Gwynedd Mercy University
  • Catherine Anderson| Head of Sales Operations, Knowledge Unlatched
  • Jon Elwell |Director of Content Strategies, EBSCO

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