Webinar ''The Astonishing Power of Front-Line-Driven Improvement'' with Dr. Alan G. Robinson

Cehck the recording of our exclusive Accel5 webinar with Dr. Alan G. Robinson
Webinar ''The Astonishing Power of Front-Line-Driven Improvement'' with Dr. Alan G. Robinson

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Every day, front-line staff see many problems and opportunities that their managers do not. As a result, they have plenty of ideas to improve efficiency and service levels, make their jobs easier, save money, or to enhance their organizations in other ways.
Research shows that some eighty percent of any organization’s potential for improvement lies in front-line ideas. When your team or unit gains the ability to implement twenty, fifty, or even a hundred ideas per person per year, it is a complete game changer. Knowing how to tap the enormous potential in bottom-up ideas is rapidly becoming a key competency for leaders and managers at any level.

In this session, Dr. Robinson will show you how to build and lead an idea-driven organization – one whose front-line employees are constantly innovating and solving problems. There is a lot to learn, much of which is counterintuitive.

Dr. Alan G. Robinson specializes in Lean Management, managing continuous improvement, creativity, ideas and innovation, and is the co-author of eleven books which have been translated into twenty-five languages. He has advised more than 350 organizations in 30 countries on how to improve their performance. He is currently a professor at the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts and has served on the Board of Examiners for both the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and the Shingo Prizes for operational excellence.

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