Webinar "The OnRamp to Leadership: 7 Ways to Fuel Your Career"

Watch recording of webinar with Lisa Nirell
Webinar "The OnRamp to Leadership: 7 Ways to Fuel Your Career"

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About the webinar: 

The road to leadership can be rocky—customer privacy demands, generative AI, and new workplace rules can cause careers to careen.
Why are some leaders viewed as (drive-through) order takers and others as innovators? What are the new road rules to earning a seat in the C-Suite?
In this session, Lisa Nirell shows you the essential “on-ramp” to getting there with greater confidence and speed. Derived from insights she’s gathered from over 1,800 CMOs and CEOs over the past 12 years, Nirell will share the daily habits of top market leaders.
It doesn’t matter where you are in your career stage. You will walk away with practical habits and resources used by innovators from AARP, Blackbaud, CoStar Group, and Schneider Electric. Use them to turbo-charge your career and company.

You will learn

  • Boost your self-confidence.
  • Rapidly assess your current career growth potential.
  • Identify possible (and often ignored) career roadblocks.
  • Gain inspiration from top marketing leaders in Lisa’s global community.

Lisa Nirell helps mindful leaders cultivate healthier companies.
Innovative digital and marketing leaders AARP, Adobe, and CoStar hire Lisa to generate breakthrough growth ideas and high performing teams.  Her books include The Mindful Marketer and EnergizeGrowth® NOW.
She is also a contributing author for Harvard Business Review, FastCompany, CMO Council, and others. Lisa launched the Marketing Growth Leaders™ private peer community in 2011 to help CMOs and growth officers generate fresh growth ideas and get promoted faster.
Lisa was selected to the Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches global community, and was selected to The Top 200 Leaders for 2022 by Leadershum. She’s also a top-rated LinkedIn Livestream host. The Mindful Marketer was recently voted a “Top 10 podcast for CMOs.” When she’s not advising clients, writing, or producing streaming content, you’ll find her on the hiking trail, meditating, or planning an open water swim adventure.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash 

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