What is Faculty Select?

Faculty Select is a faculty-outreach tool that librarians can use to help their faculty engage with Open Education and Affordable Learning initiatives.
What is Faculty Select?

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Faculty Select provides centralized discovery of course materials that are FREE for students: 

  • High Quality OER 
  • Open Access eBooks from Top Academic Publishers 
  • Unlimited-User and DRM-free eBooks Available for Purchase 

    Faculty Select also supports library workflows such as 

    • Tracking OER and OA adoptions  
    • Built-in eBook Purchase Request forms 
    • Custom catalogs of library licensed eBooks 
    • Flexible Implementation Options: single libraries, library networks and consortia, etc.  

      Librarians can also use Faculty Select as a collection development tool, to purchase unlimited user eBooks that are more likely to have high usage, since faculty will assign them in their classes.  

      Click here to learn more about EBSCO Faculty Select and its Content Options! 

      Photo by Jane Carmona on Unsplash 

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