Top 10 blog posts on the EBSCO Community platform in 2022

Check out your favorite blog posts from 2022 including our online events recordings. 
Top 10 blog posts on the EBSCO Community platform in 2022

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January is a time for summaries and New Year's plans. We do the same at EBSCO Community. The year 2022 was our first full year of existence within the EBSCO Community. In addition to spreading the idea of collaboration within the library community, in March, we held an international discussion entitled “Open Infrastructure and Interoperability Panel” and in November, we held our first online conference “Open Perspectives Forum” where industry experts, community members, and speakers from all over the world presented their findings on open access, open source, open infrastructure and interoperability. It was also the time when we were able to share with you many articles prepared by community members and by EBSCO Community editors. Check out your favorite blog posts from 2022 including our online events recordings. 

1. The Recent Announcement from the Library of Congress has EBSCO Information Services Looking for a New Word for Next-Gen 

The Library of Congress is migrating to the FOLIO Library Services Platform using EBSCO FOLIO services, as part of a plan to revolutionize the management of its collections. 

2. An Interview with DOAJ's Joanna Ball  

In this article, Joanna Ball, Managing Director of DOAJ, looks at the importance of open infrastructure. 

3. About the Open Perspectives Forum  

When designing the Open Perspectives Forum, we knew from the very beginning that the members of the community would have an active role in its structure. Both in terms of proposing presentations and determining which presentations will be shared during the forum. The article presents topics of the conference and a link to the page with recordings. 

4. The evolution of discovery  

The discovery service has been a known genre in libraries for more than a decade. This article reveals the change that has been made since the approach started. 

    5. Retos y oportunidades en la implementación de FOLIO en el Sistema de Bibliotecas de la Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano 

    Claudia Virginia Becerra Márquez, Director of the Library System at Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, shares the challenges and opportunities in the implementation of FOLIO. This article is in Spanish and can be easily translated into your native language using the automatic translator in the web browser add-on. 

    6. Webinar Replay: Detrimental practices in scholarly publishing: the case of predatory journals     

    Open Access journals are a critical part of the current and future of the scholarly research/information landscape. However, in the past decade, the scientific community has faced a serious threat to its integrity and credibility with the rise of predatory journals. The article presents the recording of the webinar about predatory journals. 

    7. 6 Benefits of Joining the EBSCO Community  

    To help you make the decision to join the international community of librarians, developers, researchers, and students united around the theme of Open within the EBSCO Community, read about 6 reasons why you should join us and become an active member. 

    8. Transição de Modelos de serviço de biblioteca acadêmicas no Brasil.  

    In his article, Kelson Anthony talks about the changing service models of academic libraries in Brazil and how EBSCO can help modernize these services. This article is in Portuguese and can be easily translated into your native language using the automatic translator in the web browser add-on. 

    9. Open Infrastructure and Interoperability Panel  

    Watch the recording of industry thought leaders discussing open science, open infrastructure, and open source in libraries by looking at current initiatives, standards, and platforms. 

    10. An Open Letter On Open Access 

    Everyone deserves the best information to make decisions in their lives and communities. Read more in the article by Kristin Delwo.  


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